Widespread Panic Drummer Todd Nance Passes

Original Widespread Panic drummer Todd Nance passed away on August 19 in Athens, Georgia from what his family, in a statement released that afternoon, termed “sudden and unexpectedly severe complications of a chronic illness.” No further details were given. Nance, who was 57, met future Widespread Panic founding guitarist Michael Houser while they were attending… Continue reading Widespread Panic Drummer Todd Nance Passes

Widespread Panic Drops Live LP; Studio Album in the Works

Originally slated for release on Record Store Day, in the wake of the postponed and scattered mess that became of this year’s event following Wu-Tang Flu shutdowns Widespread Panic scrapped that plan and released their 5-LP live album Sunday Show outside of any RSD tie-in. Recorded March 24 at Port Chester, New York’s Capitol Theatre,… Continue reading Widespread Panic Drops Live LP; Studio Album in the Works

Jimmy Herring Plays a Numbers Game

Widespread Panic guitarist Jimmy Herring first came to the attention of Atlanta music fans as the guitarist for the Aquarium Rescue Unit back when Bruce Hampton’s then-new group was playing every week at the Little Five Points Pub and beginning to amass a dedicated following. Like many of that group’s other members, Herring went on… Continue reading Jimmy Herring Plays a Numbers Game

Atlanta Drummer Yonrico Scott, 1955-2019

Consummate musician Yonrico Scott, a multifaceted talent whose remarkable percussion skills were acknowledged and respected throughout the music industry, died Thursday night, September 19 at 63 years of age. Born in Detroit, Scott began playing drums at age 7 with local gospel/church groups, studied under professional drummer George Hamilton Jr. as a teen, and majored… Continue reading Atlanta Drummer Yonrico Scott, 1955-2019

Book Looks Back at Panic’s Street Party

Flagpole magazine columnist Gordon Lamb has written a book chronicling Widespread Panic’s notorious free outdoor show in downtown Athens back in April 1998, during which the city’s streets were deluged with upwards of 100,000 SpreadHeads. It’s a terrifying scenario that sounds better suited for a Rob Zombie post-apocalyptic horror movie, but it actually happened, as… Continue reading Book Looks Back at Panic’s Street Party

John McLaughlin

Moved By the Spirit: On a Farewell Tour, John McLaughlin Gets His Mahavishnu Working John McLaughlin is easily one of the most influential musicians ever to take up the guitar. His boundary-pushing, holistic approach to the instrument has earned him countless accolades. He has many high-profile fans among the legion of rock guitarists, though his… Continue reading John McLaughlin

Bruce Hampton, 1947-2017

In the end, the spectacular finale of his last night on earth will become the legend, overshadowing the scattered but often significant details of his life. It’s still only hours after he exhaled his last breath, and I can already see that scenario happening. But in fairness, it’s completely understandable. While the sudden loss is… Continue reading Bruce Hampton, 1947-2017