Rainer Maria – S/T

Rainer Maria were an emo/indie rock band that started out in 1995 and wrapped things up in 2006. Setting them apart in a scene dominated by scrawny, nerdy, white males whining and crying about stuff, Rainer Maria were female-fronted instead. Fast forward to 2017, emo is making a comeback, every band is getting back together,… Continue reading Rainer Maria – S/T


One Man’s Trash: Butch Vig Talks Garbage, Producing, Drumming, and His Scrappy Midwestern Roots Looking back at it, Garbage seem like one of the unlikeliest success stories of the 1990s. Granted, by mid-decade drummer Butch Vig had made a solid name for himself in the music industry – but primarily as a producer of some… Continue reading Garbage

Tenement – Predatory Headlights

I defy you to find a 25-track double album that hasn’t been dissed as “sprawling,” so let’s take that criticism off the table. Tenement has been bashing its way through the DIY scene since 2006, but the Appleton, Wisconsin trio summoned an added burst of ambition for its third full-length, and first for a nationally… Continue reading Tenement – Predatory Headlights

Kelly Hogan

Hogan Here When I call Kelly Hogan one recent afternoon, she’s sitting in her old car, Marge, staking out the Piggly Wiggly parking lot near her house in Wisconsin. “I’m gonna go in and buy some jalapeños,” Hogan says. “But I like to sit in the parking lot and see what people buy. Lots of… Continue reading Kelly Hogan

Bon Iver – Bon Iver

In 2006, no one knew who Justin Vernon was. He had been playing with a band called DeYarmond Edison in North Carolina, and it just wasn’t going anywhere. When the group dissolved, as anyone who follows music blogs or magazines has now been told a thousand times, Vernon went to his family’s cabin in Wisconsin… Continue reading Bon Iver – Bon Iver