Get Out!

Get Out! November 19 – November 25

PerkinsWood, the Atlanta-based instrumental/experimental guitar twosome of Jeff Perkins and Ann Wood (both formerly of the sonically-related band Dew), give a rare performance at the Red Light Café on Saturday, Nov. 24, beginning at 8 p.m., as part of a night of offbeat, long-running local musical duos. Flap and Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel will also play sets.

Get Out! November 12 – November 18

The last time Tennis played Atlanta, singer Alaina Moore was feeling the effects of a cold, or flu, or some sort of crud. I just remember being surprised to hear her say that, because the performance (this was at Terminal West in January) was amazing, she was really hilarious too, and it will undoubtedly make my “best shows of the year” list. So, unless it was the cough syrup working its magic, you have to assume this week’s show at Aisle 5 (Friday, Nov. 16) will be even better. If you have a weakness for classic ’70s/’80s adult pop, trust me, you’ll adore this band.