Get Out!

Get Out! May 22 – May 28

John Darnielle’s latest album with The Mountain Goats, Goths, was sort of inspired by goth bands, or goth music, or goth music fans, or all of the above, I guess. Song titles are sometimes funny: “Paid in Cocaine,” “Unicorn Tolerance,” “Andrew Eldritch is Moving Back to Leeds.” The music isn’t goth at all. It’s more like The Decemberists playing Cake songs in the style of Death Cab for Cutie. Maybe that’s part of the joke. Anyway, they’ll be doing lots from it at Terminal West on Monday.

Get Out! May 15 – May 21

Tobin Sprout brings his band o’ young’uns (the dudes in the photo who aren’t 62) to 529 on Thursday night to careen through selections from his excellent new LP, “The Universe & Me.” Supporting their own newly minted album “Twitching In Time,” Athens’ Elf Power opens, along with Atlanta’s Mathis Hunter. That’s what “they” call a “winning lineup.”