Get Out!

Get Out! July 23 – July 29

A classic (and classy) consummate entertainer, Tony Bennett is still going strong at 91. He’s pretty much the only remaining major performer from that whole American Standards era, and if you’ve never seen him (or if it’s been a while), you’re advised to attend his Tuesday show at Symphony Hall. And dress appropriately – has Bennett ever been seen wearing a T-shirt? He’s so unhip he’s hipper than you could ever hope to be. And when he leaves us, it’s going to be as if the last authentic remnants of a lost art form have left with him.

Get Out! July 16 – July 22

Doesn’t seem like we’ve seen as much of Atlanta blues/R&B guitarist Hermon Hitson in recent years. So don’t miss your opportunity when the longtime local player takes the stage at Fat Matt’s on Friday, July 20th. We hear the barbecue ain’t too shabby, either…