Get Out!

Get Out! March 26 – April 1

Fun, funny, full of energy and sassy charm, Caroline Rose is expanding her grassroots fanbase exponentially this year with New West’s release of her sophomore album Loner. We caught her and her terrific band bashing out a set of scrappy garage-rock/pop-punk at the Caledonia Lounge in Athens earlier this month and were as swept up as the multitudes of enthusiastic young females who already know all the words. She’s swinging back through the area this week for a Wednesday night show at The EARL.

Get Out! March 19 – March 25

Organized by local roots musician and enthusiast Danny Dudeck (Mudcat), the annual two-day Chicken Raid fest honors the late country blues legend Frank Edwards by presenting a wide swath of local and regional blues/R&B (and related) acts ranging in age from teens to nineties. It’s a refreshing, laid back, unpolished good time, and a great opportunity to enjoy and pay respects to many of the older, more obscure figures in Southern roots and blues music, such as Greenville’s Mac Arnold, Centralhatchee, Georgia’s Roy Lee Johnson and Perry, Georgia’s Essie Mae Brooks (pictured). It’s at the Northside Tavern (where else would it be?) on Saturday and Sunday, March 24 and 25.