Get Out!

Get Out! January 22 – January 28

Red Fang are one of the goofiest metal bands around, but make no mistake about it – these Portland dudes (with North Carolina roots) kick serious ass. But if you’re looking for a few laffs and a major challenge, check out their music videos and try to count how many cans of PBR and Tecate they’ve shotgunned in the name of rock ‘n’ roll. Or better yet, just shotgun a few yourself when they play the EARL on Thursday!

Get Out! January 15 – January 21

There’s only one event this week that Atlanta rock ‘n’ roll devotees need to be concerned with, and that’s the Down South Showdown at the Star Bar Thursday through Saturday, and the EARL on Sunday. Doesn’t matter if you know all the bands or not – you will get your rocks off, baby.