Get Out!

Get Out! June 19 – June 25

Supporting their first album together, Lindsey Buckingham and Christine McVie team up for a tour that brings them to Chastain on Wednesday. We haven’t even heard the album. Have you? Is it any good? Either way, we’re betting this show won’t disappoint. As far as the female voices in Fleetwood Mac go, Stevie gets the bulk of the attention but Christine’s songs are consistent treasures. All of them are strongest when performing with the full group, but this isn’t going to suck.

Get Out! June 12 – June 18

The Ettes were a treasure, juggling sassy garage rock, pop sensibilities, punk power, Southern charm and infectious cuteness (the members’ nicknames, alone – Coco, Jem and Poni – are just adorable, yes?), not to mention possibly the most ferocious drummer in rock ‘n’ roll. The band sorta fizzled out after their fourth album, their priorities shifting. They concentrated more on opening and operating their cool record store/clothing shop/petting zoo, Fond Object, in Nashville before singer and songwriter Coco Hames left the nest for Memphis to marry music critic Bob Mehr. Inspired by new love, newfound musical freedom and leaving the past behind, Hames’ self-titled solo debut album on Merge Records chimes with a winsome, timeless Dusty Springfield vibe. For her show at the EARL on June 14th, Nashville’s Little Bandit pull double duty, playing an opening set before settling in as Coco’s backing band. Kicking the night off, Nikki & the Phantom Callers are a newish project headed by Atlanta’s Nikki Speake.