Get Out!

Get Out! November 20 – November 26

Atlanta field hands, er, bands I Want Whisky, Waller and Villain Family often shared stages a number of years back, which suits ’em since they also share an appreciation for cantankerous country music, dust-bowl folk songs and working-class roots-rock. Seems like it’s been a while since they had a full gathering of the tribes, but on Thanksgiving Eve you can enjoy all three at The EARL, where I Want Whisky (pictured, though the photo is at least six years old, so they’ve probably changed a few members) will be celebrating the release of their new album, From The Barrel. There will be drinking, in case you were wondering.

Get Out! November 13 – November 19

I remember sorta liking that one album by Cults. Musta been five or six years ago. Apparently they have a new one out, and they’re playing Aisle 5 on Friday night. How about that…