Swamp Dogg, Part 1

“They’ve Come to Get Me from the Lost and Found” Swamp Dogg: Not Just Another Motherfucker Another noontime morning packed into the van. Hacking up, onto the back of the bench seat, all of last night’s cigarettes. Fumbling to get another one lit. Start it again. It is early fall. And early fall loves Athens.… Continue reading Swamp Dogg, Part 1

Swamp Dogg, Part 2

“I worked in a pharmacy called Washington Pharmacy, and I was a delivery boy. A lot of times, I worked behind the counter. They would make the black women customers wait there at one table sitting in the back. The black men had to wait out in the hallway to wait on their shit. If… Continue reading Swamp Dogg, Part 2

Swamp Dogg, Part 3

“So I ended up working at a car lot. And my job was to be there every morning at 4:30, and to wipe the dew off the cars so they would shine. He called himself the biggest car dealer in Miami. I think he might have been bigger than he said he was. I’ve never… Continue reading Swamp Dogg, Part 3