Tropical Cop Tales – Still 5

Adult Swim Serves Tropical Cop Tales

Adult Swim has picked up the wacky live action series Tropical Cop Tales, the pilot for which was partially shot in the Savannah/Tybee Island area. Production on the series will be based closer to Adult Swim HQ in Atlanta beginning June 18th, with portions (the “tropical” exterior parts, one presumes) to be done not on the Georgia coast but in the Dominican Republic, for some odd reason. Director Jim Hosking is the main brain behind the concept, wherein two degenerate PIs wreak havoc while trying to do good in a tropical setting where the laws of nature don’t apply. Charles Noland (The West Wing), Wayne Dehart (Hap and Leonard) and Carl Solomon starred in the pilot; we assume they’re reprising their roles. What else are they gonna do?