More Potential WWE Theme Songs From Sevendust

Sevendust rewind back to when mainstream hard rock was sadly a thing with predictable new album All I See Is War.

Fans of the group’s prior output will be delighted to hear another round of soaring riffs, anthemic melodies and other elements that made the group admittedly stomachable in the days of so-called “nu-metal.” Those listeners will truly enjoy the album – before going back to the workout playlist that already featured “Bitch” and other Sevendust standards with longer shelf lives.

Despite most of the album being forgettable, there’s a bright spot. The song with the easiest title to scoff at, “Not Original,” finds singer Lajon Witherspoon at his most introspective. It’s like a ballsy, updated take on Richie Sambora’s sad man with an electric guitar formula. Seriously, don’t blame me if it becomes a guilty pleasure.

Aside from the one exclusion, these songs aren’t very original if you’ve been hearing Sevendust and similar bands for 20-plus years. But someone has to write and record potential WWE pay-per-view theme songs.