Atlanta Subs for Divided Kansas City in Hulu Pilot

Set in a “not too distant future” even more divided than we’ve got right now, in the proposed Hulu original series Kansas City the United States has split into two politically opposed countries, with poor KC stuck in the middle, separated by a wall (a la East and West Berlin) between liberals and conservatives, tearing apart families and friends who still undoubtedly get into heated feuds on Facebook. Really wish they’d set this one in Atlanta, with all the rappers and Kasim Reed cronies encamped on the south side, Mary Norwood and the Buckhead Bettys on the north and the East-West MARTA tracks as the dividing line, but alas we’re not geographically correct for the role, I suppose. But the pilot for this ridiculous show is going to shoot here the first two weeks of June. Let me guess: the sensible independent moderates that cry for cooperation and reaching across the aisle are the heroes of the tale? Heck, just sit back and allow the leftist side to bankrupt and abort itself out of relevancy! Sounds like a great comedy, but I’m guessing that’s not the direction they’re going with it. No cast or director announced yet.