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Blacks Return for The House Next Door

Production is getting underway in Atlanta on The House Next Door, a sequel to the 2016 indie horror comedy Meet the Blacks. Mike Epps (who recently wrapped The Trap in Atlanta) reprises the role of Carl Black, not a Buick/GMC dealer but a bestselling author who moves his family to his hometown but then becomes convinced that their new pimp neighbor (short-fuse funnyman Katt Williams, pictured) is actually a vampire. Also returning from the first film: Bresha Wood (Marlon), Zulay Henao (If Loving You is Wrong, Love Thy Neighbor), Lil Duval, Michael Blackson, Tyrin Turner (Menace II Society) and King Bach. Blacks helmer Deon Taylor is returning to direct and co-produce alongside Epps, Williams and others. Anybody wanna put a wager on how long it’ll take Williams to get arrested?