Brett Davern, Katie Leclerc Board Party Boat

Dylan Kidd (Roger Dodger) has been directing a flick called Party Boat around Lake Lanier, an original movie for Sony’s web outlet Crackle. Brett Davern (MTV’s Awkward, pictured) and Katie Leclerc (ABC’s Switched at Birth) star as best friends from childhood. He’s a 25-year-old party animal with a secret crush on her, only problem being that her boyfriend is about to propose to her. The solution? Throw a wild party for her 25th birthday and win her over to his side. Which should do the trick, since it’s a proven fact that young women rate “ability to party” as the number one attribute when considering a potential lifelong mate. Jay Mohr (Saturday Night Live), Sung Kang (Power) and Demetrius Bridges (The Vampire Diaries) also star.