June Georgia Film/TV Quick Cuts

Tyler Perry intends to reopen his studio complex in July to begin filming the forthcoming seasons for his numerous television shows, with cast members and limited crew for each quarantined and housed on-site for the duration of each show’s 2 1/2-week shoot. The first shows he plans to get started on are the second seasons of Sistas (production beginning July 8) and The Oval (beginning July 28) and, both for BET. Any cast members not based in Atlanta will be flown in from either Los Angeles or New York City on Perry’s private plane…The third season of FOX’s The Resident ended three episodes earlier than planned, due to the industry shutdown over the Wu-Tang Flu. But the network has renewed the medical drama for a fourth season, which should be starting production whenever work begins ramping back up… The Conjuring 3 looks to be the first noteworthy feature film to return to production in Georgia post-shutdown. In this case, the supernatural sequel intends to knock out approx. seven weeks of reshoots in metro Atlanta beginning June 18.