Luke Hemsworth Has an Augusta Encounter

Luke Hemsworth (Westworld) has the lead role in the supernatural sci-fi thriller Encounter, which just started production in Augusta. Inspired by the original Twilight Zone TV series, the story follows a group of friends who discover a crashed alien spacecraft in a field with a survivor inside; after bringing the cutie-pie home, they soon have the government on their tails and race against time to…wait a minute, I already saw this movie when it was called E.T.!! In any event, the rest of the cast includes Anna Hutchison (The Cabin in the Woods), Tom Atkins (The Rockford Files), Vincent M. Ward (The Walking Dead), Glenn Keogh (Scorpion), Cheryl Texiera (Girl Meets World) and Christopher Showerman (Supergirl). Makeup/effects artist Paul J. Salamoff is directing his first feature film from the script that he wrote after watching E.T. one night… alright, so maybe it was an old Outer Limits. It’s expected to wrap around Cinco de Mayo, just in time for celebratory margaritas.