The Bye Bye Man

He can make you see things that are not there, and not see things that are, by intentionally misleading his victims… so, he’s a supernatural entity with the manners of Rachel Maddow! The adline suggests: “Don’t think it…Don’t say it,” and I might add: “Don’t pay for it!” After moving off-campus into a creepy house in Wisconsin, Elliot and Sasha along with Elliot’s friend John start hearing a coin drop leading them to discover stored old furniture that hides the origins of a murder spree back in the 1960s when journalist Larry Talbot (he seems to have controlled his lycanthrope back then!) goes door-to-door blasting his neighbors who have repeated “his” name. It’s all based on a book, The Bridge To Body Island, by Robert Damon Schreck, but follows the guidelines of the Slender Man myth as well as numerous concepts from Final Destination, Candyman and Sinister to makes its point about how gossip and jealousy have repercussions. In fact, it’s a “dead” giveaway that the most interesting character, Kim, a goth psychic chick, is the first one to bite the dust! Makes It Follows seem like King Lear!