Wish Upon

When a dumpster diving saxophonist (Ryan Phillipe) finds a mysterious Chinese Wish Pot (?), he gives it to his bullied daughter Clare (Joey King from TV’s The Flash and Fargo) who discovers it will fulfill her wildest desires! That’s never a good idea since teenage girls have no clue what they want in the first place, so naturally she wishes for her social status to improve and the school hottie to fall in love with her, which means – unknown to her – that a blood sacrifice is required. Jumpin’ Jehosaphat! Seriously fucked up deaths occur that could’ve just as easily been in a Final Destination movie, such as: victim’s feet rotting off, cranial penetration, death from falling elevators and, in an homage of sorts to one of the greatest of all stinkeroos, Boarding House, Sherilyn Fenn battles a garbage disposal…and loses! With all the discussion in the movie about “multi-verses” and “what ifs,” some of the wishes do not last and it’s unexplained as to why they reverse themselves, leaving me to wonder if there is a sequel, maybe this never happened at all or is from a parallel universe. Which would’ve made for a much more intriguing premise!