Don’t Let Go

The press notes for Don’t Let Go reference a lot of movies that aren’t 2000’s Frequency – although no one would argue that the vaguely sci-fi thriller is pretty much a remake of the modest hit that had a father and son trying to solve a murder mystery over a 30-year divide. This one has the power of prayer and a cell phone replacing the aurora borealis and a ham-radio operation, with David Oyelowo as a cop uncle trying to save his doomed niece over a more manageable two-week gap. The familiar plot didn’t keep Don’t Let Go from getting strong reviews when it played the festival circuit last year as Relive. Storm Reid is awfully likable as the future victim who has to play Nancy Drew, and the script is pretty deft about handling the time-travel. The biggest problem is the film’s inadvertent running gag that bullet wounds aren’t a big deal. Don’t Let Go may be a typically lightweight entry for the end of August, but it’s a shame that the producers didn’t play up the faith angle and go for an easy PG rating. The movie could’ve been a breakout hit for the Christian film crowd.