Girls Trip (2017)

Girls Trip

Four college friends, collectively known as “the Flossy Posse,” reunite in New Orleans when the more successful one is chosen as the keynote speaker for the annual Essence Festival. Sasha (Queen Latifah) runs an infamous gossip blog; Lisa (Jada Pinkett Smith) has settled in to motherhood, somewhat reluctantly; Ryan (Regina Hall) is a highly sought-after motivational writer; and Dina (Tiffany Haddish) is still the risk-taker. Together they discover that, though separated by years, they still have each other’s backs. Much better than it sounds because it sounds like a “blackened” Bridesmaids, but has a better grasp on human emotions and Jada Pickett Smith shines in her role as the former “wild” girl who’s matured too quickly. The highlights include an absinthe hallucinatory club skit and an attempted bottle fight!