Green Book

Director Peter Farrelly’s fact-based Green Book isn’t groundbreaking by any means, but it’s truly one of the most solid films of last year, and ought to be a shoe-in to get those coveted Academy Award nominations in January and wins in late February. However, some of the “powers that be” behind the scenes in nonsensical, uber-politically correct La La Land do not want that to happen (in spite of two Golden Globe wins out of five nominations). There’s been an orchestrated whisper campaign against the movie – it’s not “woke” enough, Viggo Mortensen’s character says the “N word” (gasp!)(keep in mind this is a period piece of a bygone era, for Christ’s sake), and the movie is somehow “racist,” but “in an old fashioned way” (whatever the fuck that means!). These are the same kinds of rats that claimed First Man was “unpatriotic,” that there was a complete absence the American flag, that there was this revisionist anti-American bias in the film when there just wasn’t. These thought-policing/propaganda producing twerps care nothing about freedom of speech, art, or cinema – they’re not the true creators, they’re the destroyers. They just want to piss in everyone’s cereal and tell us what to think instead of what to think about. Don’t miss out on something decent because of the naysayers. Green Book is the best “buddy film” in a generation.