The Lobster

Every so often, a film just blindsides moviegoers – this is such a film! According to the law, after his wife leaves him for another, David (Colin Farrell) must register at The Hotel, a sort of rehab facility for singles. He’s given 45 days to secure a new relationship or be turned into an animal of his choosing. From director Yorgas Lanthimos, think Renoir’s Rules of the Game presided over by Dr. Moreau under the guidance of Luis Bunuel, as man is reduced to the baser instincts removed from traditional social skills, bombarded daily with positive/negative reinforcement to extol the benefits of being coupled. Devoid of sexual gratifications of any type, patients resort to lying and betrayal when rebel forces holed up in the woods interfere. To postpone the consequences, singles participate in tracking down these “Loners,” the ones who escaped from being reassigned, and tranquilize them. Fascinating parody of the human nature involved in finding a perfect match on dating sites.