Jason Bourne

I thought Bourne Ultimatum was the end-all of the world-famous amnesiac, but yet again he is lured out of hiding with the promise of clarification, bareknuckle boxing his way through Europe! Bourne’s former confidant, Nicky (Julia Stiles), comes into the possession of “Top Secret” files with news about his father’s involvement in Operation Treadstone that turned him into the highly trained “patriot in need of a mission” on the eve of a deal between CIA director Dewey (Tommy Lee Jones) and some tech messiah to place all US citizens under constant surveillance (shades of TV’s Person of Interest). And therein lies the problem throughout this Paul Greengrass film: it plays like the second part of a continuing story without resolution. The “everywhere girl” Alicia Vikander plays Dewey’s second-in-command trying to prove her worth and loyalty as the subplot reworks old themes.