Film Title: Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again

High school musical theater gone wrong (it even has bad high school musical theater choreography) with nothing new added. The nauseating ABBA songs are now just regurgitated tripe from the first movie, overdone and completely irrelevant. The script/plot is absolutely preposterous. We still have no idea who the father is and there’s no new relevant information advanced in this pointless/dumb storyline. The actors in this all-star cast flat-out suck the life right out of the movie theater, they’re disco-nap inducing. It’s like they’re not even trying, especially the younger actors/actresses and Cher (she’s just dreadful, go ahead give her the Golden Raspberry already!) And the highly overrated Meryl Streep sucks the worst out of them all, especially in the last musical number – she’s like a ghost up on the screen, it’s almost comical. While some ABBA fans will like, even love this movie (Benny and Björn make cameos)(it’s lame), this sequel falls flat and basically comes off as a tacky, unnecessary cash grab. Here We Go Again just doesn’t compare to the first installment.