Office Christmas Party

Caught between the Vanstone siblings – Carol (Jennifer Aniston), who as the interim CEO for a computer tech company plans to shut down the Chicago branch run by her brother Clay (T.J. Miller) – Josh (Jason Bateman) is on the razor’s edge. Recovering from a recently finalized divorce, Josh discovers that he might just be the only employee to survive the closing including his main crush, his innovative assistant Tracey (Olivia Munn). Hoping to avoid the situation by landing a major client, the usual non-denominational holiday mixer turns into a full scale apocalyptic office party once cocaine is loaded into the sno-blower! What this seasonal comedy has in its favor is three exceptional, off-kilter performances by pushing-middle age actresses: Jennifer Aniston as the Scrooge character competing for (and losing) her father’s affection; Kate McKinnon as the office vice cop more concerned with rules than with ruin; and Jillian Bell as a hard-as-nails pimp. Now I’ve been to holiday gatherings where people wore napkins, licked light bulbs and passed out from cheese blackouts, but no one swung from chandeliers or looked like Olivia Munn.