Best superhero-exorcist-though-wheelchair-bound-grumpy-dream-therapist-who-denounces-religion-but-carries-a-crucifix-nonetheless low-budget thriller in quite some time. As Seth, Aaron Eckhart (who played Two-Face) is summoned to use his ability to enter the mind of the possessed when a young boy, Cameron (David Mazouz, who is Bruce Wayne in TV’s Gotham) is afflicted by a familiar entity. The product of a broken home, Cameron’s father is forbidden from being in his life because he once broke the boy’s arm, yet Seth insists he assist this attempt to facilitate the exit of “malignant parasites” since the boy has been transported to the park for a game of pitch-and-toss with his estranged dad. Even if you were not aware that this film sat on the shelf for three years, Mazouz’s age difference between how he appears on Gotham would be a dead giveaway!