Once Upon a Deadpool

Once Upon A Deadpool is supposed to be a recut, re-edited PG-13 version of the R-rated blockbuster Deadpool 2, but what ends up happening is marvelous – the PG-13 version becomes much funnier (and filthier) than the original. Deadpool, already the ultimate punk spoof of all other comic book characters (and movies) – having no filter, breaking the forth wall/rules of suspension of disbelief – kidnaps the real Fred Savage, recreates the bedroom set from the 1980s film The Princess Bride (down to the finest detail – the He-Man action figure and even the vintage bag of Cheetos), and then uses Savage as the framing device to tell the story of Deadpool 2: King James Edition (with Fred Savage interrupting to ask him questions just like he did in The Princess Bride!). There are some other hilarious added scenes in the movie as well (like Wade Wilson wanting the X-Men to label the food in the fridge with Velcro labels), but let’s not spoil everything now. Usually, this kind of gimmickry never works in re-edits of movies, but it works here somehow. This flick that was already outrageous before the framing device, reediting and bleeping out of curse words becomes even more outrageous afterwards, so much so that it has shades of Spaceballs and This Is Spinal Tap now. Stick around after the credits for a wonderful Stan Lee tribute. Stan Lee produced the movie, so no, he’s not rolling in his grave.