Phoenix Forgotten

From executive producer Ridley Scott comes – good heavens! – The Blair Witch Project of alien abduction found footage movies. Inspired by the Phoenix, Arizona mystery lights, in 1997 student filmmaker Josh solicits the aid of aspiring journalist Ashley and his buddy Mark, who has his own set of wheels, to accompany him into the desert and appear on-camera in a documentary about the incident. They go missing and the question remains: were they in the wrong time and wrong place, the victim of a drug related kidnapping or abducted by aliens or their military accomplices? Told in Investigation Discovery Disappeared style, 20 years later Sophie (Florence Hartigan), Josh’s grown up sister, conducts her own investigation while making a documentary about the missing teens. No witches, Greys or V-shaped spacecraft were used in making this film but there are Men-In-Black types wearing camo, driving police vehicles with no plates!