The Purge: Election Year

Aw now, it’s just escapist fun, a popcorn (?) movie, after all… only this time, the labels are prominently displayed for none to miss. The previous films have been about violence in America; this sequel to last year’s The Purge: Anarchy vilifies the right using skyrocketing insurance costs, black-on-black crime and visiting immigrants who praise American violence for its backhanded slap at Republicans. With the 23rd annual Purge about to commence, Senator Charlie Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell from Lost and Santa Clause 2) is running for the presidency on the platform that The Purge is directed at minorities and should be stopped, which doesn’t sit well with the New Founding Fathers (i.e. “the Tea Party”) who’ve taken over the government and intend to use the annual event to eliminate political opponents. Interestingly I noticed that George Clinton is mentioned and the broken cross “swastika” of The Process Church of the Finale Judgment is stitched to the NFF white supremacist hit squad uniforms, along with the confederate flag! George Clinton actually printed Process leaflets on the inside of one of his gatefold albums! As a sidebar to the festivities, a deli owner is targeted by an all-girl “suicide squad” out for blood, so when he encounters Senator Roan and her chief of security, ex-cop Barnes (Frank Grille from Purge: Anarchy) he offers them sanctuary! High energy, politically charged battle royal for anyone susceptible to Hollywood propaganda.