Run the Race

Produced by sports star, evangelist, and philanthropist Tim Tebow, Run the Race is an extremely clunky, cheesy, melodramatic, out-of focus feature film. Sports genre movies are generally always more style than substance anyway. They’re not all that realistic at times – that’s a given and that’s okay, it’s up to viewers to suspend their disbelief. However, this film feels more like a cheap-budget Lifetime movie/after-school special. In order to get its “Christian”/”inspirational” message over, the writers made this story especially ludicrous, they made the protagonists so unrealistic (which is par for the course in these formulaic “Christian” movie genre films). So many over-the-top unfortunate events keep happening to these main characters, these two brothers, that it just becomes laugh inducing. These two high school student athletes live in a house out in the middle of nowhere, unsupervised. Their mother just died and their father is an alcoholic (of course he is). One of them has frequent seizures (but still manages to somehow drive a car all the time and play sports) (that would never happen in real life) and the other one just tore his ACL. And it took four people to write this mess of a story. Face palm. The actors playing the teenage brothers also look like they’re 30. On the upside, at least Kirk Cameron isn’t in this one.