Table 19

Anna Kendrick plays Eloise, the no-longer Maid of Honor at her best friend’s wedding after the bride’s brother, Teddy, dumped her. Assigned to Table 19, it soon becomes obvious it’s the obligatory, catch-all seating for those guests who should’ve declined the RSVP: Jerry and Bina, a casual co-worker couple whose relationship is waning; the bride’s childhood nanny who’s vaguely remembered; the groom’s ex-con uncle; and Renzo, a young man on the prowl for a bride of his own. Hoping to reconcile with her Best Man boyfriend, Eloise tries to make the best of things, but soon is recognized as the kiss of bad luck in this pseudo-sex farce of unlikely losers who compliment one another through their traumatic moments – whether that is unexpected pregnancy, bouts of cancer or eternal loneliness. Lisa Kudrow and Craig Robinson head the cast of domino delinquents who are much better than the material they’ve been given.