The Conjuring 2

Believed to be a hoax perpetrated by a single mom with four kids in dire need of a new house, the Enfield Haunting has been used before as the basis for movies.  However, this time its focus is Lorraine Warren, played to perfection by Vera Farmiga, who along with husband Ed (Patrick Wilson) has just ended the investigation of the Amityville Horror house.  Accused by the media of having conspired with the current owners to get the attention necessary to sell a Hollywood script, Lorraine is ready to call it all quits, that is until she starts having visions of a ghostly menacing nun. This brief interlude before the actual case begins connects to the first film which ended with a mention of Amityville. They even included the little glowing eyed ghost-boy whose apparition was caught on film during the actual incident! Bravo on all counts as the haunted presence in London has been triggered by an 11-year-old girl speaking in the voice of an elderly former tenant. Not since The Legend of Hell House has skepticism been such a major factor as the ghost manifests into a demonic presence whose name being uttered may be the only chance of defeating it!