The Gospel According to André

He describes his early life as akin to Truman Capote’s “A Christmas Memory.” Now in his sixties, this larger than life (and the man is large in his signature cape) André Leon Talley grew up in Durham, North Carolina, raised by a determined grandmother who made sure he survived the Jim Crow south. Observant of what was around him, specifically the Sunday church attire and fashion magazines, he developed a sense of cultured style that led him to Brown University which propelled him into NYC royalty.  Assisting Diana Vreeland, who taught him the language of fashion, he hobnobbed with Warhol before writing for Interview magazine and then becoming the editor-at-large (that word again!) at Vogue! Director Kate Novack’s biography tries to add perspective to an illustrious figure known on runways the world over (he was a judge on one season of TV’s America’s Top Model), when in truth all that was needed was to point the camera in his direction and let him speak.