Presenting Princess Shaw

What do New Orleans and Tel Aviv have in common? Two parts of an audio-salvaged masterpiece resulting in the song “Give It Up.” Samantha Montgomery works as a caregiver but aspires to reach a wider audience with her songs. Ophir Kutiel (“Kutiman”) lives in a kibbutz in Israel, scouring YouTube for prospective notes that he then constructs as masterful songs, the way Phil Spector used the Wall of Sound! With her vocal versatility, Princess (Samantha) has been compared to Amy Winehouse but is completely unaware that her a cappella renditions have been used as the foundation for Kutiman’s latest. The big question here is: before the YouTube construct is even announced, director Ido Haar is at Princess’s relative’s home to film her reaction to the announcement – so which came first? There is either feigned acting involved or Haar has kept the whole thing a secret from Samantha!