The Hunt

You have to respect how hard The Hunt works to keep viewers guessing. The audience should go in knowing the bare minimum, except for one important spoiler about the controversial thriller where liberal elites go hunting for Trump supporters – that being how the deplorables are pretty much all portrayed as good people. There are only two really offensive caricatures, and one is proven right about his paranoia. You’ll have to watch closely to confirm that the other creepy stereotype isn’t what he appears. There are plenty more gleeful moments that make it hard to believe that a strident Leftist like producer Jason Blum ever signed off on the script. The movie even manages to be ambitious about the futility of extremes without sacrificing the fun of the deplorables fighting back against their tormenters. There are also lots of surprising faces – including one actress finding redemption for starring in the worst horror film of this young year. Plenty of yokels get inspiring scenes, and one cue for violence will likely be the most satisfying right-wing moment of the year. The only disappointment is how the smug Leftists get stuck with tired gags about policing their own language. The sole remnant of the original outrage that got the production briefly pulled seems to be the trailers giving up on hiding Hilary Swank in a major role. Despite the initial scandal, though, everyone in the cast can be proud to be part of this trashy epic that got the wrong folks complaining. Maybe that was Blum’s evil plot all along.