The Invisible Man

Cecilia (Elisabeth Moss) escapes from her abusive boyfriend, Adrian (Oliver Jackson-Cohen), only to find out that two weeks later he has killed himself (how convenient!) Cecilia then tries to move on with her life. One problem: Adrian isn’t actually dead, he’s just invisible now, and this mysterious “invisible man” begins to terrorize her and those around her. While it’d be easy for some to criticize this movie as ultra-feminist drivel, it’s really not, it’s simply just drivel. Unoriginal, terrible story, over-the-top acting, bad special FX and CGI, bad overall production and direction, etc., this movie plays more like a made-for-TV Lifetime movie than a theatrical release. What’s most annoying though, besides being so predictable throughout, is that the movie doesn’t even honor the original source material (the writings of H.G. Wells and the 1933 movie) at all. Elisabeth Moss, who seems to rule TV (Mad Men, The Handmaid’s Tale) just can’t seem to get a big screen vehicle off the ground. The Kitchen was a dud, so is this.