Green Room

From the director of Blue Ruin, Jeremy Sauliner’s film stars Anton Yelchin (Chekov from Star Trek), Imogen Poots and Patrick Stewart in this punk rock thriller of hear no evil, see no evil, hear no evil. The Ain’t Rights, a touring band desperately in need of gas money to reach their next gig, reluctantly accept an offer to play at a club frequented by white supremacists of the boots ‘n’ braces variety. They speed through their set before getting hustled backstage where Tiger (Callion Turner) inadvertently forgets her recharging cell phone. Retrieving it, the band witnesses a murder leading to them being barricaded inside the dressing room. The intensely claustrophobic showdown is a partial tribute to Budd Boetticher’s Decision At Sundown as stabbings, beatings and dog attacks ensue. This is not some squeamish, campy rock ‘n’ roll parody but visceral carnage in the slasher-splasher tradition!