The Mountain Between Us

If Alfred Hitchcock had made this film about survival in the High Uintas mountain range in Utah, the majority of the action would’ve centered around two strangers trapped in the fuselage of their wrecked propeller plane, which is exactly where Dutch-Palestinian director Hany Abu-Assad stages his best scenes. Unfortunately the couple ventures out into the wilderness with disastrous results at every turn like some modern day equivalent to The Perils of Pauline or The Old Man and the Sea, only this time its Alex (Kate Winslet) trying to reach her wedding, and Ben (Idris Elba) hoping to arrive in time to perform a surgery. Pooling their luck after their connecting flight to Denver is cancelled, they hire Walter (Beau Bridges), who brings along his dog, to reach Denver by morning. Stuck with one another when Walter suffers a stroke, it becomes a matter of instinct v. intellect against the elements as their unscheduled change of plans become a matter of life or death!