According to some entertainment press outlets, a bunch of Lady Gaga’s cult member sycophant fans are out there trashing the new Venom movie online, giving it bad reviews in order to puff up Gaga’s lame A Star Is Born remake of a remake of a remake. If that’s not a good enough reason to go and check out Venom, I don’t know what to tell you. This movie is actually a decent action/comic book film. I mean, it’s better than the highly overrated/JUST OKAY Black Panther, but no one will dare tell you that. When I was a preteen, I dreamed of a movie like this, a movie about Venom from the comics. I dreamed about comic book movies in general. I had to settle for crap like direct-to-video Dolph Lundgren/Louis Gossett Jr. Punisher though. Now, we’re spoiled. We get great, huge, big-budget comic movies with special effects/CGI up the ass. Lots of style, but very little substance sometimes. Some may say “this plot is stupid,” “we’ve seen this before,” etc., (no, we haven’t!) As a real, lifelong comic book fan, I say this film blends Hollywood and the source material quite well. And let’s be totally honest, the source material here is a little limited. Within the Spider-Man Universe, Venom isn’t the most cerebral character ever developed (that’s why 12-year-old me loved him). Tom Hardy is perfect for the Eddie Brock/Venom antihero role, and if you say different, you’re just a born hater.