Metric Master the Art of Doubt

Fusing elements from ’80s new wave, ’90s alt-rock and modern pop, Metric have consistently proven to be an inspiring bright spot amid the general blight of post-millennium music since their coalescence around the turn of the century.

That golden streak continues with Art of Doubt, the Toronto quartet’s seventh album, which, in case you weren’t paying attention, was released on Sept. 21. To my ears, it packs a bit more muscle than their last couple of records, but it’s still got that chewy pop center that makes their best songs so catchy and likeable. As always, Emily Haines’ keen lyrics and distinctive delivery drive the point home every time.

Seems like it’s been forever since Metric headlined a show in Atlanta. They always seem to be stuck on these tours opening for Smashing Pumpkins or Paramore or some other band I don’t necessarily want to go see. Now it’s been announced that, after an extensive European jaunt this fall, they’re doing a “co-headlining” North American tour with Mexican rock band Zoé next year, which will bring them to the Tabernacle on Feb. 24. Does that mean they’re gonna alternate slots each night? Well, hey, it’s better than 40 minutes supporting Imagine Dragons, so I’ll take it.

Photo by Justin Broadbent.