Walking on Water

Known for his large-scale environmental installations such as wrapping the Reichstag in Berlin and the 24-mile fence between Sonoma and Marin counties, Christo conceived of an unfinished project with his wife in 1970. After years of setbacks from bureaucratic misunderstanding, having failed to get permission for 47 of his projects, rejected by Argentina and Tokyo Bay, he finally realizes his Floating Piers as an Italian public art project in 2016 designed as a walkway covered in yellow fabric bridging islands on Lake Iseo near Brescia. Having his art cataloged once before by the Maysles (Christo’s Valley Curtain) director Andrey M. Paounov’s documentary captures when things go awry and 55,000 show up to opening day when 10,000 were expected. What’s next? Shag carpeting Cleveland?