Neil Young, Pickin’ a Song or Two

Another year, another Neil Young concert from the ancient archives is excavated. This next one, out June 7, is titled Tuscaloosa, and it was recorded live at the University of Alabama right there in the titular town on February 5, 1973. Which means we get to hear ol’ Neil put her down right into the faces of a bunch of Alabama college students cheering it on.

Backing up Young on all but two tracks are the Stray Gators, so we’re treated to a host of songs from Harvest and the then-yet-to-be-released Time Fades Away, which has been out of print for decades. Since Neil seems to hate that 1973 live album and it can be difficult to find, Tuscaloosa is worth it just for the eight transcendent minutes of “Don’t Be Denied.”

And the rest of the album’s pretty darn good, too, by the way. Note from Neil to Alabama students: don’t try to play side D – it’s an etching. Note from Jeff to Neil: can we get a Trans or Shocking Pinks tour album next year for yuks?