Where to Invade Next

A movie where Michael Moore visits France, Italy, Norway, Finland, Iceland and, as an afterthought, Tunisia to search for great ideas that America can steal, but without first discussing who holds the majority of patents for scientific development or discoveries! If, unlike Moore, you have access to a World Almanac, look it up and you’ll find that the United States, England and most of the European countries hold 80% with Italy, Germany and Spain following with 15% and the other 5% split up over the rest of the world!! So the U.S. doesn’t need to “steal” anything! Moore makes the claim that the U.S. spends 60% of its GNP on “the military” (if that were so, there would be a constant military convoy presence on city streets!) which is a provable lie in and of itself (its closer to 3.0%), but he leaves out that most of what is spent here is to develop new technology and on research, compared to a place like Saudi Arabia which spends 10% on equipment and armaments. Claiming himself to be, “an American born in a country built on genocide and slavery,” Moore doesn’t delve into Third World advancements or ideas but concentrates on WHITE Europeans almost exclusively until he reaches Tunisia and then he interviews WHITE African Muslims. My goodness, he discovers that the workforce in Italy get seven weeks paid vacation plus paid sick leave and months of honeymoon time off. They work 25 hours per week and get FREE healthcare (meaning they don’t pay for it but someone else does!) By showing all these great advantages, Moore concludes that only the U.S. treats its workers poorly, not even giving them time off to attend MayDay celebrations (an international communist holiday!) If any of that is true, then it is imperative that ALL immigration cease immediately, otherwise, these poor souls desperately trying to enter the United States in hopes of a better life are being sadistically lied to. Taken completely out of context, Moore tries to make the case that American school lunches are vastly inferior to the cuisine served in French and Italian schools. If so, who is to blame other than service unions representing cafeteria workers? Furthermore, his claim that in these WHITE European countries “rich kids are made to go to public schools along with everybody else,” as though private schools in America are somehow bad ideas. The truth is that in America, everybody else is made to go to school with criminal delinquents! He just cannot put his frothy mouth around the facts – ever! Where To Invade Next is without question the most racist movie I have ever encountered, making the case that Norway and Sweden and Iceland and Finland are so much more fair than American society. There are more black people in the city of Detroit than in all of those countries – combined! No mention of great ideas in the Sudan or Yemen or Bolivia – I guess those cultures aren’t worth searching for good ideas to steal!