Where’s My Roy Cohn?

Roy Cohn was a beloved figure at Studio 54 as he palled around with owners Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager – and director Matt Tyrnauer didn’t seem outraged by that in his fine documentary about the legendary disco. But, Tyrnauer admits, he “thought, of course, Hillary Clinton would win” the 2016 Presidential election as he finished… Continue reading Where’s My Roy Cohn?


The fact that Vice is Golden Globe nominated for Best Picture is a tad ridiculous (even though the bar is quite lowered this year – Black Panther is nominated too). While it’s quite watchable and enjoyable, it won’t make AFI’s/IMDb’s Top 100 ever. But having said that, the acting performances from Christian Bale and Amy… Continue reading Vice

Fahrenheit 11/9

While I’ve never agreed 100% with Michael Moore on much, I can wholeheartedly say that I have enjoyed some of his movies, and I’m especially fond of his short-lived television series, The Awful Truth. Moore always seemed to have this gentle, humorous, man-of-the-people quality about him. However, as time moved forward, he became increasingly cantankerous,… Continue reading Fahrenheit 11/9

Dark Money

Whatcha say there, tiny tot? You’re perfectly content to operate in a dictatorship, voting for one particular political party every single time, and when that party of yours loses big time, the best you can muster is playing da ol’ blame-game? Hmmmm? (In millennial Daffy Duck voice): “I wanna get my way every time there’s… Continue reading Dark Money

The King

My parents watched the “’68 Comeback” – I was listening to Lothar and the Hand People! Director Eugene Jarecki (responsible for the cum-stains The Trials of Henry Kissinger and Freakonomics) obviously wanted to make a leftist propaganda piece trashing America but figured that’d be a hard sell getting people in theater seats, so he tagged on… Continue reading The King

Where to Invade Next

A movie where Michael Moore visits France, Italy, Norway, Finland, Iceland and, as an afterthought, Tunisia to search for great ideas that America can steal, but without first discussing who holds the majority of patents for scientific development or discoveries! If, unlike Moore, you have access to a World Almanac, look it up and you’ll find… Continue reading Where to Invade Next