Whose Streets?

Technically speaking, of course, it’s the taxpayers’ and property owners’ means of transport, but according to this documentary, streets are public property – which should mean that ALL the public has access and not just protestors! The Constitution protects the rights of BOTH! In the wake of the police shooting of Michael Brown Jr. in Ferguson, Missouri, various community activists hold vigils that result in stores being looted and set ablaze; ultimately the rioting evolves into Black Lives Matter! Too many generalizations go unchallenged in this documentary, like the insinuation that the woman who runs through a blocked protest “claims” she feared for her life; in light of the riots after the Rodney King verdict, who could blame her? Unwilling to accept the grand jury decision not to file charges against office Darren Wilson (responsible for shooting Brown), no input was obtained from law enforcement for this film?! What’s ignored is that no one has any claim to “rights” at the expense of another’s rights! And if your goal is for a better life and fair treatment, the place to start is by rejecting the radical leftists who are only interested in further perpetrating dissent and violence.