Wearing an Ununiform? It’s Tricky

Tricky has another album ready to roll, his thirteenth overall. The influential British musician/producer will unveil ununiform to the world on September 22nd via False Idols/!K7.

Conceived in Moscow and completed in Berlin, where Tricky has been living for the past three years, ununiform finds him enlisting an intriguing array of vocalists, including his first collaboration with Martina Topley-Bird in 19 years, on the song “When We Die.” Topley-Bird, the mother of his first daughter, made her debut on Tricky’s first album Maxinquaye in 1995, and contributed to several subsequent albums.

Elsewhere on ununiform, actress/singer Asia Argento appears on “Wait for Signal,” Russian rapper Scriptonite features on several songs, British alt-blues singer Francesca Belmonte gets a cut, Terra Lopez of Sacramento duo Rituals of Mine (formerly Sister Crayon) guests on one song and newcomer Avalon Lurks sings a cover of Hole’s “Doll Parts.” Mina Rose, who will be touring as part of Tricky’s group later this year, sings on two tracks.

Photo by Sebastian Pielles.