Band Officially Has Stupidest Haircuts Ever

Half Hearted, a “post-hardcore” band from Hartford, Connecticut, have two EPs to their credit, with a third due this autumn. They also have the stupidest haircuts ever.

It’s difficult to decide which of the fellas has the stupidest haircut of the batch, but it’s undoubtedly a tossup between the two bearded knobs positioned at the foreground in their latest band photo, the ones with those stupid earlobe ring implants that I always have to fight the urge to yank as hard as I possibly can whenever I see anyone wearing them. Is it the chap on the left with the moussed-back two-tone job, or his buddy on the right with the thick, immaculately sculpted comb-over? In fact, it’s easy to imagine these tough guys spending hours crafting each other’s coifs jus’ right prior to every public appearance. Looks are important, you know. A band’s visual image says a lot about what a band’s all about. And Half Hearted’s look says: “We are serious post-hardcore motherfuckers, and if you fuck with us, we will blast you with our Sedu Icon Prive´ luxury blow dryers. So you just better move along, hoss.”