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QOTSA’s Ronson-Produced Villains Out Aug. 25

Queens of the Stone Age return with a juicy new album called Villains on August 25th. Released through Matador Records, it was produced by Mark Ronson, who gushes, “Queens are and have always been my favorite rock ‘n’ roll band ever since I walked into Tower on Sunset and bought Rated R in the summer of 2000, so it was incredibly surreal to be welcomed into their secret, private clan – or the ‘jacuzzi,’ as Josh [Homme] likes to call it… There were moments during the making of the album in which I was aware I was watching my musical heroes craft something that was sure to become one of my favorite moments on any Queens album.”

Guitarist/vocalist/lyricist Josh Homme stresses that “the most important aspect of making this record was redefining our sound, asking and answering the question, ‘what do we sound like now?’”

Fans will also find the answer to that question up close and in their earholes this summer and fall as the band crisscrosses back and forth across the US for theater and festival dates. Atlanta not included.

Photo by Andreas Neumann.