Best Coast Give Birth to Kids Record

Did Bethany Cosentino go have a baby that we don’t about? Does she wanna have a baby? Is the inner ticking of her body clock compelling the 32-year-old to project her secret dreams of a nuclear family onto the current ventures of her band Best Coast?

Nah, probably not. She probably just noticed that the world was seriously lacking in quality kids’ music that won’t send parents and other adults fleeing the romper room. Whatever the impetus, Cosentino and guitarist Bobb Bruno decided to make the latest album from superfun L.A. band Best Coast a full-on children’s record.

A mix of original songs, covers (Lesley Gore, Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons) and familiar classics, Best Kids was released on limited-edition colored vinyl Nov. 8 via the band’s website, and comes with a coloring book with original illustrations by Jess Rotter.

As adorable as this all is, we’re hoping Bethany and Bobb are also working on a proper follow-up to 2015’s California Nights. Our body clocks are ticking, after all.