Cat Power Wanders Back Into the Frame

Cat Power’s new album Wanderer, her first in six years, will be released October 5 via Domino Recordings. Written and recorded in Miami and Los Angeles over the past several years, the album’s 11 tracks (including a collaboration with Lana Del Rey) were produced entirely by Chan Marshall.

It’s also her first album since she announced in 2015 that she’d given birth to a baby. Wanderer’s cover photograph shows a woman (presumably Marshall, although her face isn’t seen) holding an acoustic guitar in one hand, with a small child in front of her, only the top of whose head is seen. Mother and child?

Marshall will be touring this new Cat Power album extensively worldwide…unless she doesn’t. We’ve grown to accept that sometimes uncertainty is just the way things are with her. In any case, she’s scheduled a performance at Atlanta’s Center Stage Theater on Saturday, October 13th.

Photo by Eliot Lee Hazel.