Extensive Steve Wynn Box Set Out Oct. 23

Steve Wynn is surely among the most prolific and consistent rock musicians of our time, as any glance at his back catalog – solo records and albums from numerous bands and collaborations – will verify. Amazingly, there are also hours upon hours of unheard material stashed away – demos, alternate recordings, unreleased songs. A handful of collections of those have been quietly released over the years, but nothing like what’s about to hit on Oct. 23, with Real Gone Music’s 11-CD box set, Decade.

Compiled with the input of archivist Pat Thomas and chronicling Wynn’s output between 1995 and 2005, the package will not only include six remastered studio albums released during that time, from ‘95’s Melting in the Dark (recorded with Boston band Come) through 2005’s …tick…tick…tick (with The Miracle 3), but also the German-only Emusic Singles Collection (a compilation of internet collaborations from 2000) and 57 previously unreleased goodies. A 48-page book, full of otherwise unseen photos and recollections from Steve about the unreleased material, caps off the generous kaboodle.

“This is the most extensive and focused collection of my music anyone’s ever released, and I’m proud and also grateful to Real Gone Music for allowing me to tell the story of a particularly prolific period in my life and the creative process in such a lovely, deluxe package,” Wynn underscores. “I hope everyone digs it.”