Eyelids Open to Further Collaboration

Pristine Portland-based power-pop squad Eyelids boast several intriguing collaborative projects within their discography, including a 7” of three Lou Reed covers recorded with John Cameron Mitchell, a single recorded with Gary Jarman of The Cribs,  and another on which they swap songs with Athens musician Jay Gonzalez and combine forces on a Camper Van Beethoven cover with Scott McCaughey on vocals. Beyond that, they’ve recorded three full albums, an EP and assorted other output, most of which is produced by their fan and friend Peter Buck.

Out Feb. 14, Eyelids’ fourth album The Accidental Falls is another collaborative endeavor, this one with poet Larry Beckett, co-writer of many of Tim Buckley’s songs (including “Song to the Siren”). Beckett penned all original lyrics for Eyelids to set to music, aside from one unreleased Buckley/Beckett song from 1966 called “Found at the Scene of a Rendezvous That Failed.” Buck produced and plays on the album, which is a captivating work of lovely, literate, crisply executed, tender and melodic rock ‘n’ roll.

Prior to the official release, Eyelids are making a special trip to Buck’s old haunt of Athens, Georgia to participate in Cracker/Camper Van Beethoven’s annual Camp In takeover of the 40 Watt Club. On Friday, Jan. 24, they’re middle on a bill between Daisy and headliners Camper Van Beethoven. The next night, joined by Buck and Mitchell, they’re on prior to Cracker. Rock ‘n’ roll roto-rooter Jesse Malin, most recently seen in these parts opening shows for Drivin’ N Cryin’, will kick things off that night.

Photo by John Clark.