Teenage Fanclub Invite Us to Their Endless Arcade

Teenage Fanclub return with their latest album, Endless Arcade, which Merge Records will release in the U.S. on April 30. The longstanding Scottish pop-rockers have gifted fans an advance taste of Endless Arcade with a video of the single version of sublime opening song, “Home.” The album version extends to seven minutes. Endless Arcade is… Continue reading Teenage Fanclub Invite Us to Their Endless Arcade

True Vision

True Vision: One Man’s View of South Florida Punk 1979-1984 Photos by Jim Johnson [self-published] Bolstered by heavy media/industry presence, avant-garde art scene, urban trashiness and sheer population (among many other factors), New York City was the obvious epicenter of the early American punk and new wave outbursts, followed closely by Los Angeles and, to… Continue reading True Vision

The Rentals – Q36

Matt Sharp was the original bassist for Weezer. He played on their first two (and only spectacular) albums, the 1994 self-titled “Blue Album” and 1996’s Pinkerton (which at first glance was a misunderstood record, but later became recognized as a seminal masterpiece of sorts, influencing countless other bands). Between the first and second Weezer records,… Continue reading The Rentals – Q36

Rookie – Rookie

Good guy rock and rollers Rookie release a long-awaited debut in unsure times, more treaded waters of brackish stature for a group who just jumped the gun. Is this the true death of a salesman? Lawdy I hope not. Rookie was just getting started. The Chicago outfit rides the same tides as greats like Twin… Continue reading Rookie – Rookie

Young Antiques – Another Risk of the Heart

It’s a mixed up muddled up shook up world. Down is up, evil is good, dumb is smart, ignorance is bliss. When you take all that into consideration, it makes sense that Young Antiques have never been one of Atlanta’s hippest, most talked about bands. That still doesn’t make it right. This album, as tremendous… Continue reading Young Antiques – Another Risk of the Heart

Steve Baskin Steps Up

An internal communications strategist by day, Atlanta singer-songwriter Steve Baskin has done plenty of time in the Georgia and Southeastern music scenes as a member of the Hippycrickets, the Cindy Wilson Band and 10-piece R&B ensemble Hugo a Gogo, among other outfits. Recorded in Valdosta, where Baskin grew up, his new, fourth album Mind Your… Continue reading Steve Baskin Steps Up

Not for Tots: Paul Melancon Animates His Toon Tunes

Tots today are totally missing out on the whole Saturday morning cartoon experience. And when I say totally, I mean totally. Saturday morning cartoons are extinct. You might occasionally run across some old reruns on a minor/specialty cable channel, and thanks to the success of The Simpsons, Family Guy and King of the Hill there… Continue reading Not for Tots: Paul Melancon Animates His Toon Tunes

Adam Schlesinger Dies of Complications from COVID-19

Adam Schlesinger, the musician and songwriter best known for co-founding and fronting Fountains of Wayne, died Wednesday morning, April 1st at age 52, as a result of complications due to COVID-19, the coronavirus. It is not known if he had any other illness, condition or other factors that may have intensified the coronavirus’ impact. Schlesinger… Continue reading Adam Schlesinger Dies of Complications from COVID-19

Game Theory – Across the Barrier of Sound

Game Theory’s run of hooky, heady and slightly off-kilter power pop extended from 1982-90, drawing the curtain with something that qualified as neither a bang nor a whimper. The quartet, which honed its attack using guitars and keyboards in equal measure, had always been a revolving cast of players centered on curly-haired savant Scott Miller.… Continue reading Game Theory – Across the Barrier of Sound

Put Me in a Wheelchair and Get Me to the Show

While Uncle Green still occasionally reassemble to excavate their power pop love songs about Michael Dukakis, vocalist/guitarist Matt Brown has been fronting (along with Halley O’Malley) the decidedly choppier Ambulette for a few years now. The combo marks the vinyl release of their debut EP Too Bad About Your Problems with a performance at 529… Continue reading Put Me in a Wheelchair and Get Me to the Show

The Bongos

They Got the Beat! The Bongos Take Their Phantom Train Back Down South “Our first [U.S.] show out of the New York area was in Atlanta at the 688 [club],” reveals Richard Barone, vocalist, guitarist and primary songwriter for Hoboken, New Jersey power pop-rockers The Bongos. “[We] first toured Europe before we left NYC [to… Continue reading The Bongos

Eyelids Open to Further Collaboration

Pristine Portland-based power-pop squad Eyelids boast several intriguing collaborative projects within their discography, including a 7” of three Lou Reed covers recorded with John Cameron Mitchell, a single recorded with Gary Jarman of The Cribs,  and another on which they swap songs with Athens musician Jay Gonzalez and combine forces on a Camper Van Beethoven… Continue reading Eyelids Open to Further Collaboration

Dressy Bessy – Fast Faster Disaster

“Everything is alright now now!” And with that scream Dressy Bessy launch their seventh full length album. From anyone else such an exclamation would border on platitude. In the rising pinwheel daisies and cotton candy landscape of Dressy Bessy, the top of the green hill allows for the declaration of little else. Fast Faster Disaster… Continue reading Dressy Bessy – Fast Faster Disaster

Salt – The Loneliness of Clouds

Salt’s origin story is a fascinating one, even if it’ll likely resonate with only a select demographic. The Paris-centric band’s formation is a thin silver lining to emerge from the 2013 suicide of Game Theory/Loud Family mastermind Scott Miller. Miller’s widow enlisted Ken Stringfellow for an unusually heavy lift as producer – interrogating hundreds of… Continue reading Salt – The Loneliness of Clouds

The Stoplight Roses Turn Blue

The Stoplight Roses play an assortment of what could fall under the umbrella of “old people rock”: jangly Southern power pop, high-octane garage rock, alt-country cowpunk, Bo Diddley-ish shuffles, subdued singer-songwriter heartstring-pullers… They’re named after a Nick Lowe song, so you get the general idea. The five-member Atlanta group recently released a 10-song CD titled… Continue reading The Stoplight Roses Turn Blue

The Beths

The Best Damn Thing: The Beths Spike Power Pop’s Punch Elizabeth Stokes has vivid recollections of her band’s show at the Drunken Unicorn last fall – mostly positive ones, but not entirely. “It was our first time in Atlanta and I wasn’t expecting a lot of people, but it a was really good, fun crowd… Continue reading The Beths

Various Artists – White Lace and Promises

It’s been about 18 years since anyone could claim to have “rediscovered” Paul Williams, but a tribute record is still a pretty daring proposition. There were plenty of fine pop albums filled with Williams compositions long before the diminutive star became a regular on the talk-show couches. The only obvious choices for a tribute would… Continue reading Various Artists – White Lace and Promises

Compilation Album Accompanies Down South Showdown

For several years now, Chase Tail (DINOS Boys, RMBLR) has rounded up bands from near and far for a weekend that keeps Atlanta on the rock ‘n’ roll map. This year’s cavalcade of punk rockers and show-stoppers – billed as the Down South Showdown – comes to the Star Bar on Jan. 17-20. The local… Continue reading Compilation Album Accompanies Down South Showdown

Van Duren Gets Another Chance to be a Big Star

Remember Van Duren? Eighty percent of you who answered yes are lying. The dude knocked around the same 1970s Memphis pop scene as Alex Chilton, and played with Big Star alums Chris Bell and Jody Stephens after their own star-crossed band dissolved. Duren managed to release a cult classic album in 1977, recording a second… Continue reading Van Duren Gets Another Chance to be a Big Star

Mozes and the Firstborn Embrace Dadcore

Dutch psych-garage-powerpop quartet Mozes and the Firstborn have answered the prayers of devotees, blessing us in the form of a fab new album called Dadcore, which Burger Records will release on Jan. 25. The band modeled the album in the form of a kickass mixtape, blending their favorite styles and genres. Hey, they’re from the… Continue reading Mozes and the Firstborn Embrace Dadcore

Brother Reverend Turns the Tables

Keith Xenos and Fletcher Liegerot both cut their teeth in a number of Atlanta bands (Xenos with The White Lights, Liegerot with Magic Bone, King-Kill/33° and Cat Power, among others), though they never crossed paths until guitarist Johnny Vignault (The White Lights, The Vendettas, The Lost Crusaders) introduced them years later after they’d both moved… Continue reading Brother Reverend Turns the Tables

Paul Collins Goes Out of His Head

The most welcome career revival of power-pop grand poobah Paul Collins (The Nerves, The Beat) continues at full speed, with Alive Naturalsound set to issue Collins’ latest outstanding collection of songs on Sept. 28. Out of My Head mixes rough ‘n’ raspy rave-ups with groovy psych-garage throwbacks and melodic, compact, instant sing-alongs. It’s actually kind… Continue reading Paul Collins Goes Out of His Head

Awesome Mess-Around Lineup Announced

The Atlanta Mess-Around moved this year from its usual springtime slot to the Canadian tuxedo-appropriate weekend of Oct. 26-28. Waiting an extra six months or so will totally seem worth it when legends, local friends and familiar out-of-town faces gather for the East Atlanta Village’s annual celebration of rock ‘n’ roll. The lineups for both… Continue reading Awesome Mess-Around Lineup Announced

Onetime Atlanta Drummer Chad Boswell Has Died

We are saddened to report that Chad Boswell, drummer for a handful of plucky Atlanta bands of the early ’90s, passed away on August 10 at age 52. He’d been struggling with an assortment of health issues, and had recently been diagnosed with cancer. He leaves behind a son, Coleman (19); daughter Connor (15); a… Continue reading Onetime Atlanta Drummer Chad Boswell Has Died

Tony Molina – “Kill the Lights”

Tony Molina has been putting out solid music for quite some time, but unless you frequent Bay Area house shows you can be forgiven for an inability to recite his catalog. Most of Molina’s output has come via a parade of bands (of which the pleasingly lo-fi Ovens were the most prolific) but once he… Continue reading Tony Molina – “Kill the Lights”

Old Shoes in a New Box

Zion, Illinois’ wonderful power-pop mac daddies Shoes have had a solid chunk of their early material compiled on a 3CD box set, out August 31 on UK label Cherry Red Records. Black Vinyl Shoes Anthology 1973-1978 includes the entirety of their 1977 album Black Vinyl Shoes (their first true album, originally self-released but quickly picked… Continue reading Old Shoes in a New Box

Redd Kross – Third Eye

Redd Kross’ Third Eye was released mid-September 1990. Notwithstanding the pop singles charts (then topped by a Latin dance pop ditty called “If Wishes Came True”), the rock scene was dominated then by acts like Jane’s Addiction, Gene Loves Jezebel and the ubiquitous and gruesome “Joey” from Concrete Blonde. Into that relatively dour and joyless… Continue reading Redd Kross – Third Eye

The Summer Stunner No-Bummer Planner

Through his tireless efforts with DINOS Boys, RMBLR and other creative projects, Chase Tail has worked for years to keep rock ‘n’ roll vibrant in Atlanta. Once and a while, he brings together out-of-town friends and past tour mates for a whole weekend of shows. This time, he’s calling his shindig the Summer Stunner – a three-night, three-venue series of events held… Continue reading The Summer Stunner No-Bummer Planner