Jessie Baylin Sails Strawberry Wind

Jessie Baylin calls her forthcoming Strawberry Wind a “children’s album,” but from what we’ve heard, her fourth LP sounds like more of a classic pop/Laurel Canyon throwback, and a superb one at that.

“Since becoming a mother, I found myself being around the house a lot, and I started gravitating to these wonderful older albums to listen to with my child – The Beatles, John Lennon, Roger Miller, Harry Nilsson’s The Point!, and Carole King’s Really Rosie,” the wife of Kings of Leon drummer Nathan Followill explains. “I realized that people aren’t making albums like that anymore, and that really inspired me to go down this new musical path… Those records feel very honest and that was my mission (with Strawberry Wind). I also wanted it to feel magical and remind people of the child inside all of us that is filled with a sense of wonder and pure joy and hope.”

Produced by Richard Swift, Strawberry Wind will be released April 27th through Amazon Music (digitally) and on vinyl via Baylin’s own imprint Blonde Rat, in association with New West Records.

Photo by Fairlight Hubbard.