Peter Stampfel

Goodbye 20th Century: Peter Stampfel Bids It a Fond Farewell, but Leaves the Light On “Good ol’ Ricola.” Peter Stampfel paused to unwrap a lozenge nearly an hour into a lively conversation. This was no product plug, but rather a coping mechanism. Stampfel suffers from dysphonia, and has completely lost his voice for extended periods… Continue reading Peter Stampfel

I Am Woman

Helen Reddy strides into New York City, 1966, where a giant variation of a sexist ad from 1953 is somehow still prominently featured on a subway wall. It’s the single mother’s first foreshadowing that her supposed recording contract with Mercury Records is about to be terminated by a Male Chauvinist Pig who can’t believe she… Continue reading I Am Woman

Yacht Rock Revue Do Something Somewhat Original for a Change

OK, boomer… so you just forced yourself to watch the Grammys again, and you shook your head and waved your fist and perspired through the underarms of your holey old Doobie Brothers T-shirt and cursed the whole damned time, muttering, “Who is this? I’ve never heard of any of these people!!!” Well, I’ve got some… Continue reading Yacht Rock Revue Do Something Somewhat Original for a Change

Tommy James

MANALAPAN, NJ - JUNE 12: Tommy James performs at the 2010 Under The Stars Celebration at the Manalapan Recreation Center on June 12, 2010 in Manalapan, New Jersey. (Photo by Bobby Bank/WireImage) *** Local Caption *** Tommy James

Tommy James: Doin’ His Thing and Singin’ His Songs There’s a Tommy James song, be it with The Shondells in the ‘60s or as a solo artist in the ‘70s, representing most pop-rock offshoots from the singer’s commercial heyday. The teenage garage rocker and “Hanky Panky” performer went on to record textbook examples of frat-house… Continue reading Tommy James

Various Artists – White Lace and Promises

It’s been about 18 years since anyone could claim to have “rediscovered” Paul Williams, but a tribute record is still a pretty daring proposition. There were plenty of fine pop albums filled with Williams compositions long before the diminutive star became a regular on the talk-show couches. The only obvious choices for a tribute would… Continue reading Various Artists – White Lace and Promises

Jessie Baylin Sails Strawberry Wind

Jessie Baylin calls her forthcoming Strawberry Wind a “children’s album,” but from what we’ve heard, her fourth LP sounds like more of a classic pop/Laurel Canyon throwback, and a superb one at that. “Since becoming a mother, I found myself being around the house a lot, and I started gravitating to these wonderful older albums… Continue reading Jessie Baylin Sails Strawberry Wind


Everyone’s for Tennis Wife-and-husband team Alaina Moore and Patrick Riley are Tennis, a sort of 21st century answer to Captain & Tennille. Across four albums and two EPs, Tennis has carved out a place on the pop landscape, combining a retro aesthetic with modern (sometimes characterized as lo-fi) production values. The duo’s latest collection, an… Continue reading Tennis

Coco Goes Solo With a Classic Sound

Coco Hames, frontwoman for The Ettes, has recorded her self-titled debut solo album, which Merge Records will release on March 31st. Recorded in Nashville last summer with co-producer Andrija Tokic, the deeply personal album features backup from fine folks such as bassist Jack Lawrence (The Greenhornes, The Raconteurs), drummer Julian Dorio (The Whigs) and guitarist… Continue reading Coco Goes Solo With a Classic Sound

Lydia Loveless

Lydia Loveless: Don’t Tell Her to Turn it Down, ‘Cuz it Ain’t Loud Enough! There’s a lot to love about Lydia Loveless. For God’s sake, just listen to her (if you haven’t already), and you’ll figure that out. At the moment, I sorta love the fact that she immersed herself in the poetry of Paul… Continue reading Lydia Loveless

Brent Cash

Some Feelings Are Here To Stay: Brent Cash Is So Square He’s Cool Brent Cash is a striking anomaly in the landscape of Georgia music, indeed in the current overall musical climate altogether. At one time a drummer for various unexceptional local bands, the most recent being Television Buzz, since that group’s 2008 diffusing Athens-based… Continue reading Brent Cash

Nicole Atkins – Mondo Amore

Epic is a description so overused as to be leeched of meaning. So I’m not damning Nicole Atkins with faint praise when I say that she’s got an epic sensibility – and a voice to go with it. The title of her sophomore release implies that ambition, which comes wrapped up in tightly arranged 3-… Continue reading Nicole Atkins – Mondo Amore